Our Client’s Challenge:

A London-based financial services start up (within one of the world’s largest asset management firms) was launching its European business.

What We Did:

We helped the CEO and the organization navigate hyper growth through the following approach over a period of over two years:

  • We identified key obstacles to growth and performance at various levels of the organization and designed multiple engagements to resolve these issues over time
  • We designed a robust set of group interactions at multiple levels to drive business performance
  • For the CEO and senior leadership team, we aligned them on a relevant, ambitious business vision and helped them get clear on what would be required of them as leaders and their teams to bring the vision to reality
  • For the direct reports of the top team, we helped build leadership capabilities and cross-functional alignment that built organization leadership capacity and strengthened relationships, which improved execution
  • We designed and co-led several all day “All Team” meetings along with the CEO that helped drive new behaviors and mindsets (culture) in service of business results
  • We designed and led new hire orientation sessions to reinforce the culture and accelerate people’s ability to begin contributing

Results and Outcomes:

Based on CEO feedback and surveys, our work created lasting impact through:

  • A business vision and strategy that was clear throughout the entire organization
  • More effective cross-functional collaboration at all levels of the organization
  • Stronger senior leadership team alignment and performance

At year-end, the organization greatly exceeded its financial targets, and within two years, the business was the dominant market leader in Europe.