Our Client’s Challenge:

The senior leadership team of a 3,000+ organization in a global pharmaceutical organization was having difficulty collaborating and was not seen as leading the organization. Additionally, the leadership team and rest of the organization felt incredibly exhausted with the amount of work and energy spent to get work done. Furthermore, the senior leadership was globally distributed and was made up of members from different legacy organizations several years into a merger. (i.e., some team members were of the acquiring organization and other members were of the acquired organization)

What We Did:

We partnered directly with the head of the organization to deliver over a one year period:

  • Designed and delivered multiple leadership team retreats focused on a combination of creating alignment on critical business topics (e.g., priorities), building skills in having effective and efficient conversations that resulted in decisions, strengthening trust and relationships, and helping them lead the organization through being more aligned and clear about priorities
  • Designed and delivered an annual global leadership conference in Europe for the organization’s top 75 leaders
  • Framed critical business conversations that led to clear prioritization of initiatives (vs. previous approach of “doing everything”)
  • Provided coaching to organization head regarding leadership and management of direct reports and the team as a unit
  • Provided real-time coaching and feedback on team effectiveness to leadership team during periodic leadership team videoconferences/conference calls

Results and Outcomes:

Based on client feedback and a survey, the leadership team is performing at a significantly higher level measured by its ability to make decisions effectively and efficiently, appearing aligned to the rest of the organization, and its ability to collaborate on critical initiatives.  The annual leadership conference was one of its most successful to date. Our clients view our work as directly contributing to the 20+% improvement in the organization’s leadership engagement scores.