Our Client’s Challenge:

The CEO of a market-leading business unit realized his organization needed to innovate and focus more externally.  Additionally, the organization’s decision making and execution was slow.  This was partially created by a lack of clarity on the purpose and accountabilities of the top two senior leadership teams.  The lack of clarity also led to the 2nd level leadership team feeling disengaged and disempowered.

What We Did:

Over twelve months, we designed and delivered multiple senior leadership offsite meetings (some with the CEO’s leadership team only, some with the extended leadership team only, and some with both leadership teams together).   We also conducted some external partner interviews to provide a fact-base to the CEO’s leadership team on how their business is perceived in terms of innovation and ease of doing business.  We orchestrated conversations with the following outcomes:

  • Clarity and senior leadership alignment on the 5 year business vision
  • Greater commitment to be more strategic with clear, practical next steps to begin execution (CEO’s leadership team)
  • Greater clarity on the roles and accountabilities, and decision rights between the top two leadership bodies and among the senior leadership team
  • Clear expectations for what the CEO’s leadership team wants and expects from the extended leadership team and vice versa
  • Shift in “mindset” of the extended leadership team to take greater responsibility in leading and driving the business
  • Clear next steps on how we increase innovation and ease of serving our partners and clients

Results and Outcomes:

Through our work, the CEO’s leadership team was much more clear and energized about the direction of the business, and started driving decisions down in the organization and focusing more on strategic-level issues.  The extended leadership team realized it needed to step up (instead of waiting for direction) and started driving business decisions and activities that would contribute meaningful business value.  The dynamic and relationship between the two leadership teams also became much stronger, which resulted in faster decision-making and better execution.