Our Client’s Challenge:

Fighting for survival, the leadership of a large portfolio organization (comprised of 64 member countries and 15 independent scientific research organizations) of the World Bank knew it needed a new vision, new organizational and governance structure, and greater collaboration internally and externally.  However, several previous efforts to change over the past 15 years had all failed. As part of the change effort, the Chair of the organization sought support in helping to deliver a comprehensive and meaningful transformation plan supported unanimously by all 64 country members and 15 research organizations.

What We Did:

For over two years we helped lead the transformation effort that took place around the world (i.e., Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America) that included:

  • Designing a compelling and effective change management approach that led to buy-in of the plan by all members
  • Developing the detailed timeline and roadmap for delivering a comprehensive plan and making adjustments as needed
  • Advising and enabling key leaders to lead and drive a multi-year change effort
  • Designing and facilitating periodic off-sites to surface the most challenging issues and discuss them openly
  • Creating the foundation for a significant culture shift by infusing the effort with productive mindsets and behaviors
  • Providing change expertise and support at critical junctures
  • Creating buy-in at each stage of the process through broad stakeholder engagement

Results and Outcomes:

The proposed transformation plan was supported unanimously by all members, and the change was hailed as a great success.  The plan included a new vision for the entire organization, a new organizational structure, and a shift in operating norms and behaviors (ingredients for a new culture).  Many involved with the effort said this was the highest level of consensus and optimism in the organization’s past twenty-five years.  The plan was implemented with minor adjustments and throughout the two years, the level of openness and trust increased across the various stakeholder groups.  Even several years after the end of our involvement, numerous stakeholders continue to tell us about the lasting impact of our work with them, and the funding of levels has since doubled (a tangible result of the change effort and the resulting vote of confidence from donor governments and agencies).